Tailor Built

a.    Tailor-Made or Build specifically for a client

Project: Field Force Performance monitoring and incentive scheme System

The software is expected amongst others to:
-    Import data from ALL distributors database
-    Compute growth and budgetary performance by matching actual against set budgets and last year figures.
-    Perform function 2 above by products, by Reps, Areas, District and Nationally.
-    Compute field force incentive based on ever changing criteria of promoted products, volume, cash sales, etc.
-    Due to peculiarities of the business reward scheme uses behavioral, demand generation, team work

Project: Terminal Management System (CITIREP)

The software is expected amongst others to:
-    To manage inventory of terminals at the head office and depots
-    To track the field activity of terminal deployment and management
-    To provide timely report to regulatory authorities
-    To provide billing and billing analytics to the banks
-    To provide management with up-to-date information for better operation performance
-    To provide financial information

Project: HTN Billings, Prepayment and Accurals System

Primarily, the billing application is to alleviate the problems of the billing, prepayment and accrual operations and generates necessary management/operational reports for better internal process, it additionally generates necessary financial reports that are exported to excel for onward integration to the main financial software of HTN.

This can be outlined as follows:

-    To address all invoicing needs of the HTN for financial reporting and internal management
-    To address all prepayment and accruals needs of HTN for financial reporting and internal management
-    Auto integration with Sage Pastel Evolution.

-    To address all KPMG issues raised during the audit of the billing operations
-    The billing system addresses the ERRORS and DIFFICULTIES around invoicing of customers and raising of credit notes. Some are as follows:
-  Termination of contracts at mid point
-  Tracking contract of different duration for same and/or different customer
-  Tracking of revenue per day when necessary for uneven durations
-   Proper recognition of escalation rates
-    All features necessary to eliminate manual procedures that could cause errors.
-    The billing system shall be configured to help the invoicing system take into consideration of escalators due dates and appropriate discount on a timely fashion
-    The billing system addresses PROPER AMORTIZATION of prepayments and ensure that prepayment balance is accurate at period end
-    The billing system addresses PROPER AMORTIZATION of prepayments and ensure that accruals balance is accurate at period end
-    The billing system performs monthly AMORTIZATION of prepayments.
-    The billing system performs monthly AMORTIZATION of accruals.
-    The billing system performs monthly recognition of revenue on a monthly basis taking into consideration ALL necessary status of each customer on the various helios and non-helios sites shared the revenue in the appropriate ratios.
-    The billing generates report necessary for financial reporting such as:
-    List of HTN sites
-   List of HTN projects
-   List of HTN contracts
-    List of invoices per customer per project
-    Advance lease/revenue matching and monitoring
-    Analysis of all revenue recognize by invoice, customer, project
-    List of customer per project
-   Analysis of customer, projects by invoice and revenue
-   Auto generation of journal entries for prepayment, accruals and revenue.
    And more.
-    partnership strategy – the managing and/or marketing of non-Helios built sites
-    Multi product/service organization – the idea is to go beyond depending on lease rentals as the only source of income.
-    Indexation and escalation – getting the best from the MLA items by variance billing and analysis of items such as diesel, generator hours etc.

Project: ARCN-CARGS Least Cost Feed Formulation Software

The software is expected amongst others

•    Add/remove/modify ingredients’ or nutrients’ names or compositions or values/costs etc
•    Add/remove/modify ration formulae
•    Support for Text and Graphic Reports on Ingredients, Nutrients and Formulas
•    Ability to perform data analysis on ingredients and nutrients and also capable of Interfacing with Microsoft Excel and Word
•    Permit Export/Import of data from a database
•    Localized for Nigeria in terms of currency, nutrient standards and feed ingredient composition table
•    Ability to support multiple plants

Project: NIAS Web Site

The project is to revised the Web Site to include the following:

-    Regulatory Affairs Department Portal
-    Education and Training Portal
-    Finance Portal
-    Staff Portal (Human Resources)
-    Accreditation and Curriculum Portal
-    Revision of the existing website design and content.
-    Staff mailing system

Project: Financial Information DataBank (FIND)

FIND software was basically designed to alleviate the challenges experienced daily, weekly and/or monthly by various organization to be able to provide management and other stakeholders with the necessary information to enhance their productivity.

-    Production of regular financial reports to meet regulatory (NAICOM) and internal standards because these reports are not directly available from the industry standard software that focuses more on operational issues. Furthermore, these two standards changes regularly either internally or externally influenced.

-    Generation of monthly performance reports. Every organization generates different analytical reports to evaluate the performance of all her units and take necessary remedial actions. Imagine these reports automatically rolling out less than an hour after the close of business for the month.
-    The Dashboard is a powerful module that provides financial information for stakeholder from the archives. Any authorized user can access the financial archive and extract required data that spans years, business segments and class, strategic business units in graphical and tabular forms. With this burden off the fincon group can now concentrate more provision of financial advisory services for better performance.
-    Asset and Liability management to enhance funds utilization.

Benefits and Features

-    Reports are to NAICOM standard meeting regulatory deadlines on time.
-    No more copy and paste and working through many excel files
-    Detailed reports by SBU that rolls up into groups then divisions and finally the entire organization
-    Report by Class of Business e.g. Group life, Health, Motor, bond, Fire etc
-    Report by  Business Segments e.g. life, non-life, composite
-    Corporate financials – balance sheet and profit & loss
-    Performance review financial - balance sheet and profit & loss by SBUs, groups and divisions
-    Asset and Liability reports for funds utilization to impact investment income.
-    Dashboard – financial trend at glance in graphical and tabular forms with capabilities to export to Excel and PDF for further analysis and/or reporting.
-    No data duplication it all about extraction
-    Web Based
-    Saves a lot of time in generating regular reports.
-    Seamless extraction of data from your operational software
-    Enhances productivity
-    Takes care of routine jobs allowing staff to concentrate more financial analysis, reviews, advisory etc for better result.

Project: Development Operating Plan (the process of planning, budgeting and monitoring).
To achieve the above objectives, 2 things must be done viz:

-    Reimplementation of the Peachtree software, this entails
-    Redesigning of the chart of accounts
-    Redesigning of the Product/Services modules
-    Development of new reports to feed the budget forms
-    Other modules as necessary to achieve our goals
-    Development of customized, easy to use, integrated excel workbook(s)
-    Training
-    Peachtree refresher course
-    Basic Excel